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Service Charges and Refund Policy

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Irvine Mobile Device Repair

    Welcome to Irvine Mobile Device Repair, your one-stop electronic repair shop. All repairs are reinforced with a ONE-YEAR warranty to ensure peace of mind for each customer. Mobile Device Repair warranties the specific repair and corresponding parts. In no circumstance shall Mobile Device Repair be held responsible for an issue your phone already had or an issue discovered during the repair. The warranty states that the part worked on by our trained technician shoaled in fact, work properly after the repair is complete. If the part malfunctions and becomes defective without It being physically broken, damaged, or water-damaged Irvine Mobile Device Repair will gladly replace the part at no cost to the customer. For the warranty to be honored, the customer will need the original receipt, and a probably cause for the replacement. If the phone has water damage which is indicated by different sensors located in various locations on the phone, than the warranty is null and void. Although the repair process doesn’t affect the information on a device, it is the customer’s responsibility to back up all necessary information prior to the repair. Also, if there is any sign of tampering or disassembly of the device after. The repair has taken place the warranty will be voided.

Samsung Devices

    Due to the fragile nature of Samsung Screens and the tedious and meticulous process that takes place during repair, Mobile Device Repair will not be held responsible for any damages that occur to the LCD during repair. If the LCD is damaged, there will be an additional charge for the LCD

Our Team

    Irvine Mobile Device Repair only employs the best possible technicians who have passed our training program. Therefore, our technicians are guaranteed to present a working device back to every customer. Our technicians take their time diligently in their efforts to isolate and solve each problem successfully with each repair.

No Refunds

    Irvine Mobile Device Repair will not, in any situation, issue a refund. However, you may receive store credit towards a product or a service of the same value.

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